New models of Nursing Home Care facilities for the elderly

New models of Nursing Home Care facilities for the elderly

In addition to energy saving, building sustainability and housing in its most complete sense - which have always been a field of investigation and in-depth study for CBSA Innovative Solutions - another strategic research theme is the development of aspects related to the care and assistance of the elderly in facilities such as Nursing Homes.

In this context CBSA Innovative Solutions is currently engaged in the definition and promotion of a new approach to the topic, studied and deepened with the help of major public and private research institutions and focused on the respect of the individual person in his/her individuality and completeness, through the design of advanced and sustainable real-estate models, part of a network of services involving institutions, associations, volunteers and families, with a threefold objective.

On the one hand, the study group proposes intervention on existing buildings in order to adapt them from an energy, plant engineering and structural point of view and, above all, to rationalise services and optimise their management; on the other hand, it is able to organise and manage the construction of new structures, identifying the best types of buildings and services required by the territory from time to time.

The same group is finally well prepared to intervene on existing private dwelling units, in order to adapt them to the new needs made necessary by the aging of those who live in them or to make them easily adaptable in the future, in terms of security, comfort and privacy.

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