Urban redevelopment

Urban redevelopment

CBSA Innovative Solutions has always operated in the field of town planning, through the design and management of important residential and industrial implementation plans in Italy and abroad, both with regard to new developments and redevelopment, taking care of all design, environmental, urban and market aspects.

The issue of limiting land consumption and reusing building plots is also becoming increasingly important in all the tools and regulations that govern land management; as a consequence, jobs tied to the redevelopment of existing buildings are becoming increasingly more frequent.

Urban redevelopment projects are generally characterised by very high levels of complexity and require the support of competent professionals capable of managing their various aspects, including soil reclamation, environmental and economic sustainability and strategic market choices.

CBSA Innovative Solutions is able to provide its clients with its experience in this field, whether the recovery of disused urban areas (former industrial areas, abandoned shopping centres, old railway stations, state-owned areas), compromised buildings or to be re-functionalized, or wider urban regeneration, redevelopment of old-town centres or old abandoned villages.

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