CBSA Innovative Solutions is the upshot of the combination of the many years of experience of its partners and the expertise of its youngest collaborators, trained at the most prestigious business schools in the sector and on the construction sites managed over the years by the Engineering and Town-Planning Firm.



The mission of CBSA Innovative Solutions is to become a qualified consultant for companies and families requiring structured management of their real-estate assets or which intend investing in the construction industry, backed by a company of proven experience, expertise and reliability.


The vision of CBSA Innovative Solutions is to provide high quality real-estate services, helping clients to better meet their development and property management needs while at the same time helping to improve the overall quality of the market.


The quality of CBSA Innovative Solutions services also derives in part from the continuous dialogue with its clients, with its technical and non-technical partners, with the world of businesses and suppliers: only a constant search for and revaluation of what has already been done does in fact make it possible to constantly boost the quality standard of provided services. Partners


Effective management of all phases of a real-estate transaction can only take place after careful planning, with regard to design, construction and subsequent management; for this reason CBSA Innovative Solutions is closely focused on these activities, also thanks to its extensive and direct experience in the development sector.

It is precisely this experience which enables CBSA Innovative Solutions to operate as a serious and reliable consultant for the analysis of the main risks of a real-estate transaction, in consideration of its various specific aspects: market, construction site, financial or context risks.

Once the development activities have been planned, the operating structure of CBSA Innovative Solutions is in a position to monitor the performance of these activities in order to control their progress with respect to both planned schedules and expected costs.


CBSA Innovative Solutions was established on the experience of the Engineering and Town-Planning firm founded by engineers Capoferri and Barzasi at the beginning of their professional careers and took on its current form on 2 January, 1989.

Over the years, the Firm has successfully managed major contracts for both public and private clients, in Italy and abroad, developing projects covering all fields of professional activity.

Through its organization, today CBSA Innovative Solutions is able to manage a whole range of different projects, in different countries and in collaboration with colleagues from other cultures and experiences, thanks to a certified Quality Management System.

In addition to the experience of the two partners, CBSA Innovative Solutions avails itself of the collaboration of professional persons specialized in technical, legal, tax and administrative fields and is able to provide its clients with comprehensive and reliable solutions and a range of professional services related to the construction industry which stretches far beyond simple and pure architectural or structural design.

CBSA Innovative Solutions is in fact able to assist its clients throughout the construction process: from the conception of the initiative to its development, work construction and promotion on the real-estate market.